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920 Choriocarcinoma: postmenopausal lesions, isthmic lesions, and related vaginal metastasis
  1. A Elagwany
  1. Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt


Introduction/Background*Choriocarcinoma is a highly malignant epithelial tumor originating from the trophoblast. It primarily occurs during the reproductive years

Methodology We are reporting three different cases with choriocarcinoma with different presentations whether postmenopausal presentation, isthmic lesions, and later presentation after hysterectomy with vaginal metastasis.

Result(s)*All cases were managed surgically with reporting of their management in detail.

Conclusion*The majority of choriocarcinoma cases are intra-uterine and of gestational origin. postmenopausal and cervical choriocarcinoma are rare presentations of this pathology. It is important to include cervical choriocarcinoma in the differential diagnosis of cervical lesions during the reproductive age despite the extremely low incidence as an ectopic entity. Choriocarcinoma is completely curable by chemotherapy even in the presence of metastasis. If massive life-threatening vaginal bleeding occurs, surgery is needed. We should consider vaginal metastasis in any vaginal mass after hysterectomy for a suspected tumor as a vesicular mole or endometrial cancer.

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