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533 Creatsas vaginoplasty in patients after pelvic chemoradiation in cervical cancer: a preliminary study
  1. B Segarra Vidal,
  2. P Padilla Iserte,
  3. V Lago,
  4. MT Luis Javier and
  5. S Domingo
  1. Hospital Universitario y Politécnico de La Fe, Gynecological oncology Unit, València, Spain


Introduction/Background*Chemoradiotherapy followed by brachytherapy is the standard treatment in locally advanced cervical cancer and vaginal stenosis is one of the most common side effects after pelvic radiation. Sexual quality is the main condition that does not improve over time in these patients.

Methodology The main objective of this study was to assess the impact of the Creatsas vaginoplasty on the improvement in the sexual life of patients with cervical cancer who have received chemoradiotherapy and have sexual dysfunction measured by The Female Sexual Function lndex. The design was an observational prospective individual cohort study between January 2018 - December 2019 of patients report outcomes (PRO) using The Female Sexual Function Index.

Result(s)*A total of 12 patients were evaluated and 6 patients met the inclusion criteria. Among all patients, the global scores of The Female Sexual Function Index questionnaire improved after surgery except for one patient. No patients had post-operative complications. The median of the global score before the surgery was 22.95 (IQR 19.18, 24.92), after 6 months was 26.95 (IQR 24.95, 27.23) and, after 12 months 24.5 (IQR 23.18, 26.42). The global score had increased after the surgery (OR = 1.27 CI 95% [1.087; 1.499]).

Abstract 533 Figure 2

Conclusion*This preliminary study suggests that the Creatsas procedure improves the sexual life of cervical cancer patients with vaginal stenosis who have received chemoradiotherapy as the first treatment.

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