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1008 The development of policies and preventive measures for cancer in general and gynecological cancers based in reporting methods: a transversal study
  1. F Kamberi1 and
  2. E Sinaj2
  1. 1University of Vlore “ Ismail Qemali”, Vlore , Faculty of Health, Research Centre of Public Health, Vlora, Albania
  2. 2University of Medicine Tirana, Faculty of Technical Medical Science, Albania


Introduction/Background*In Albania, cancers including gynecological cancers are the leading causes of death among the adult population.

Methodology The purpose was assessing how much easier the participants, healthy women in a cross-sectional study reported whether family or someone close to them has cancer.

Result(s)*17% of 1012 women participants randomly selected in various institutions in Vlore, Albania reported that a close family was diagnosed with cancer. Close friends, friends were affected respectively 13.44% and 19.24%, while 6% prefer not to answer. No statistical association was found between town/country residency and reporting.

Conclusion*The information collected is important. It will serve to create an overview and find the best way to set up a database regarding the number of cancer patients. Taking preventive measures based on cost effective methods with the involvement of nursing and midwifery students, as a core nursing function will vastly strengthen nursing’s and midwifery’s contribution to gynecological cancers prevention.

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