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594 Comparison and correlation of colposcopy indices with histopathology in screen positive patients
  1. AG Nath1,
  2. PN Rema1,
  3. R Wesley2,
  4. S Sambasivan1 and
  5. S J3
  1. 1RCC, Gynaecological Oncology, Trivandrum, India
  2. 2RCC, Community Oncology, Trivandrum, India
  3. 3RCC, Surgical Oncology, Trivandrum, India


Introduction/Background*Colposcopy was introduced to aid cervical biopsy to detect premalignant lesions of cervix. Reid, Swede and modified IFCPC nomenclature (2011) were later introduced to avoid subjective variation.

Methodology To study correlation between colposcopy scores like Reid score, Swede score and 2011 IFCPC nomenclature with histopathology in screening positive patients .

Prospective study of patients who underwent colposcopy for cervical cancer screening from June 2018 to January 2021.Reid score, Swede score and 2011 IFCPC nomenclature were documented in colposcopy charts. Colposcopy scorings and histopathology was statistically assessed using spearman’s rank correlation test.

Result(s)*Out of total 220 females screened average age was 49.75. Reid score >4 correlated with 62.3% of high grade histopathology (p=0.149), Swede score > 5 correlated with 61.3% of high grade histopathology report (p=0.038), while 2011 IFCPC nomenclature as major lesion correlated with 78.3% of high grade histopathology (p=0.001). Reid score has sensitivity 62.3%, specificity 47.4%; Swede score has sensitivity 61.3%, specificity 52.6% with histopathology. IFCPC nomenclature had sensitivity 78.3%, specificity 47.4% with histopathology. Measurement of agreement kappa was 0.096 for Reid score, 0.139 for Swede score and 0.254 for IFCPC nomenclature. P value was significant with IFCPC nomenclature, 0.001.

Conclusion*2011 IFCPC nomenclature has better correlation and more sensitivity in detecting high grade lesion while swede score is more specific in detecting high grade lesion.

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