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1029 Unusually breast metastases
  1. S Sakhri1,
  2. K Tlili2,
  3. S Kammoun3,
  4. M Bouhani4,
  5. Y Houcine5,
  6. K Hamza3,
  7. H Bouaziz2,
  8. A Ghoucha6,
  9. I Bettaib6 and
  10. M Idriss6
  1. 1Institut Salah Azaiz, Surgical Departement, Tunis, Tunisia
  2. 2Azaiez Institute of Oncology, Department of Pathology, Tunisia
  3. 3Salah Azaiez Institute, anatomopathology, Tunis, Tunisia
  4. 4Salah Azaiez Institute, surgical departement, Tunsia, Tunisia
  5. 5Institut Salah Azaiz, anatomopathology, Tunis, Tunisia
  6. 6Institute Salah Azaïz, anatomopathology, tunsia, Tunisia


Introduction/Background*The breast is the most common site of primary malignancies in adult women, but is an uncommon site for metastasis from extramammary malignancies. Breast metastases from extramammary malignancies have both hematogenous and lymphatic routes. We report 10 cases of breast metastases in our pathology lab between 2014 and 2020.

Methodology We have identified all the cases of breast metastases diagnosed between 2014 and 2020.

Result(s)*We found 10 cases of breast metastases from extra mammary malignancies. All patients was female with a middle age of 42 years. The primary malignancies was a melanoma in 3 cases, an ovarian carcinoma also in 3 cases, a fibro sarcoma, a rhabdomyosarcoma and a nasopharyngeal carcinoma in 1 case each. The diagnosis was based on morphological features but also on immunohistochemistry especially with the ovarian carcinoma which exhibit some similar features to a primary breast carcinoma.

Conclusion*Breast metastases from extramammary malignancies show variable histological features. Therefore, the possibility of metastatic lesion should be considered in evaluating breast lesions in patients with primary malignancy in other organs. Awareness of typical and atypical imaging features of such lesions may be helpful to diagnose metastatic lesions in the breast.

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