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1152 En-block cytoreduction for advanced ovarian cancer
  1. I Biliatis and
  2. V Mitsopoulos
  1. Poole Hospital, UK


Introduction/Background*Surgical procedures in primary debulking operations are challenging. Teaching these procedures in young Gynae/Oncologist aslo poses significant difficulties. En-block systematic excision of specimens could possibly lead to better undersatnding of peritoneal anatomy and facilitate training.

Methodology Primary debulking for advanced ovarian cancer in a 64 year old patient with stage 3C high grade serous ovarian cancer. The operation was performed in a systematic way allowing for excision of the spleen, omentum, right diaphragmatic peritoneum, Morrison’s pouch peritoneum, lateral abdominal peritoneum, uterus, ovaries, tubes, rectosigmoid colectomy and pelvic peritoneum in one single specimen.

Result(s)*Complete cytoreduction was acheived with minimal blood loss. The patient went home on post op day 7

Conclusion*En-block excision of specimens in advanced ovarian cancer might be a good method of training young Gynae/Oncologist in performing primary debulking operations for advanced ovarian cancer

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