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479 Effect on overall survival of adyuvant chemotherapy in locally advanced cervical cancer (LACC)
  1. AF Rave Ramirez,
  2. D González García-Cano,
  3. M Laseca Modrego,
  4. O Arencibia Sanchez and
  5. A Martín Martínez
  1. Complejo Hospitalario Universitario Insular Materno Infantil de Gran Canaria , Gynecologic Oncology, las palmas de gran canaria, Spain


Introduction/Background*The objective of the study was to determine whether the addition of adjuvant chemotherapy to chemoradiotherapy improves overall survival in patients with locally advanced cervical cancer (LACC).

Methodology Retrospective observational cohort study. We included patients with diagnosis of LACC, (Stages IIIA, IIIB, IIIC1, IIIC2 or IVA according to FIGO 2018), who received adjuvant chemotherapy (carboplatin and paclitaxel), during the period of study from 2013 to 2018 (n: 35), comparing it with a control group (n: 38).

Result(s)*73 patients were included in the study from which 35 received adjuvant treatment with chemotherapy. The survival rate at 3 and 5 years was 77.1% and 68.6% for the group who received adjuvant and 10.5% and 7.9% for those who did not. (p <0.001, p <0.001, respectively). Gastrointestinal, genitourinary, and neuropathic toxicities were observed during chemotherapy, but only 3.1% and 0% were grade 3 or 4 respectively. The most severe toxicites were haematologic, in terms of neutropenia (G3/4: 33.4%) and anemia (G3/4: 33.4%). Only 5 patients (14,3%) needed to suspend chemotherapy treatment.

Conclusion*Adjuvant chemotherapy in patients with LACC significantly improved survival disease-free and overall survival with acceptable toxicity percentages. Prospective trials are needed to confirm these findings.

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