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814 Tumor markers in patients with recurrent borderline ovarian tumors
  1. A Stefanovic1,2,
  2. I Likic Ladjevic1,2,
  3. S Pantovic1,2,
  4. K Stefanovic1,2,
  5. S Kadija1,2,
  6. J Dotlic1,2,
  7. Z Vilendecic1,2,
  8. I Pilic1,2,
  9. M Radojevic1,2 and
  10. O Mitrovic1
  1. 1Clinic for Obstetrics and Gynecology, University Clinical Centre of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia
  2. 2Medical Faculty, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia


Introduction/Background*Borderline tumors have good prognosis and mostly low recurrence rate. Still, predicting their recurrence is especially important for patients who wish to maintain reproductive function. The study aim was to investigate the prognostic value of tumor markers for recurrence of borderline ovarian tumors.

Methodology Study included all patients operated due to borderline ovarian tumors during the past ten years. One year after operation, during regular check-up, serum levels of tumor markers Ca 125, HE4 and CEA were measured. Follow-up continued and all tumor recurrences were noted.

Result(s)*Study included 91 patients who in average had 33.36 +/- 8.77 years of age. Recurrence occurred in 13.2% of patients mostly after 2.83 +/- 2.89 years. Patients with recurrent tumors had elevated serum levels of Ca 125 in 16.7%, HE4 in 22.2% and CEA in 12.5% of cases. However, there were no significant differences in mean serum levels of tumor markers between patients with and without tumor recurrence (Ca 125 p=0.993; HE4 p=0.311; CEA p=0.417). On ROC analysis only elevated Ca 125 serum levels were found to significantly indicate tumor recurrence (p=0.031; sensitivity=80%; specificity=94.1%), while serum levels of CEA (p=0.196) and HE4 (p=0.754) were not significant predictors. Nevertheless, serum levels of investigated tumors markers were not correlated with time of tumor recurrence (Ca 125 p=0.954; HE4 p=0.952; CEA p=0.702).

Conclusion*Elevated serum levels of Ca 125 in the follow-up period of patients operated due to borderline ovarian tumors could be used as marker of tumor recurrence.

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