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611 The incidence of endometriosis in patients with ovarian cancers
  1. A Ganovska and
  2. S Kovachev
  1. Military Medical Academy , Gynecology and Oncology, sofia, Bulgaria


Introduction/Background*Endometriosis is one of the most common gynaecological disorders. It affects 10–15% of all women in the reproductive years. Although endometriosis is recognised as a benign disease, its association with ovarian cancer has been frequently described in the medical literature since 1925. The aim of our study was to determinate the incidence of endometriosis in patrients with proven ovarian cancer.

Methodology The study is retrospective, single-center and was conducted at the Clinic of General and Oncological Gynecology, Military Medical Academy-Sofia for a period of 2 years (2018-2020). The information from the history of the disease, operative protocol and histopathological examination were used. Included are 54 patients with histologically verified ovarian cancer operated at the Clinic of General and Oncological Gynecology. Preoperative tumor markers were examined in all patients. The staging of the disease is according to the FIGO classification. Histopathological preparations for the presence of endometriosis were revised in all patients.

Result(s)*The mean age of the patients enrolled in the study was 60.5 years (39 to 83 years). Depending on the histological type of ovarian cancer, the distribution is as follows: serous - 38 (70.4%), mucinous - 6 (11.1%), endometrioid - 2 (3.7%), clear cell - 2 (3.7%), granulosa cell - 3 (5.6%).), small cell - 1 (1.8%), seromucinous - 2 (3.7%). Histologically, endometriosis was detected in 11 (20%) of all patients. In patients with endometriosis, the most common histological type of ovarian cancer is serous - 6 (54.5%).

Conclusion*According to our results, the incidence of endometriosis accompanying ovarian cancer is relatively high. Additional research is needed to look at the relationship between endometriosis as a precursor to ovarian cancer.

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