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381 Platelet count as a prognostic indicator in ovarian cancer
  1. H Dubey,
  2. A Ranjan and
  3. P Tanwar
  1. Dr.B.R.A.IRCH, AIIMS, New Delhi, Laboratory Oncology, New Delhi, India


Introduction/Background*Thrombocytosis is a poor prognostic indicator in malignancies especially in gynecological one such as carcinoma ovary, cervix, and endometrium. Recent evidence indicates that platelets are present in the tumor microenvironment and could play important roles in stimulating tumor growth. The aim of this study is to analyze the impact of platelet count on the prognosis of ovarian cancer

Methodology Baseline platelet count (prior to surgery or chemotherapy) was analyzed in 151 cases of ovarian cancer confirmed by histopathological examination. Thrombocytopenia & thrombocytosis were defined as platelet count (PC) <1.0 lakh & >4.0 lakh/cumm respectively.

Result(s)*Out of 151 cases, thrombocytopenia was seen in 3.3% (5/151), whereas thrombocytosis in 20.5% (31/151) and 76.2% (115/151) of cases were within normal range of platelet count.

Data for thrombocytopenia cases are very few so we can’t make any opinion over this except that most of the cases of OC have normal or above normal platelet count.

Recurrence In TP cases, recurrence was seen in 20% cases, but it is the result of very small data(5/151), so it may not have any significance.

If we analyze base line Platelet count (PC), it is noticed that higher count cases have shown more percentage of recurrence. With PC 1–2 Lakh/cumm, recurrence is seen in 11.1%, PC 2-3 Lakh/cumm, it is 33.3%; thrice the value of previous one. It grossly appears to be statistically significant. PC between 2-3 lakh/cumm & between 3-4 lakh/cumm, no significant difference is being seen. It is 33.3% and 30.00% respectively.

Now if we analyze recurrence rate with PC >4 lakh/cumm cases, it is around 60%, which is statistically significant.

Mortality 13/151 cases expired within 4 years of treatment. 60% of these expired cases had platelet count >3lakh/cumm.

Conclusion*Study shows that platelet count is directly proportional to the prognosis of cases of ovarian cancer.

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