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350 Impact on survival of surgical therapeutic strategy in the initial management of advanced ovarian cancer
  1. A Amet,
  2. H Costaz,
  3. JD Fumet,
  4. L Arnould,
  5. L Favier,
  6. F Beltjens,
  7. L Bengrine Lefevre,
  8. S Dabakuyo and
  9. C Coutant
  1. 1 Rue du Professeur Marion, Dijon, France


Introduction/Background*The management of ovarian cancer is based on a combination of surgery and chemotherapy. The aim of surgery is to achieve zero residual tumour at the end of the procedure. In advanced stage ovarian cancer, two therapeutic approaches are possible: primary debulking surgery, or primary chemotherapy followed by interval debulking surgery. The primary objective of this study was to describe overall survival (OS) in FIGO stage III and IV ovarian cancers according to the therapeutic sequence (i.e. primary surgery or interval surgery).

Methodology We performed a retrospective, observational study using data from the gynecological cancer registry of the Cote d’Or, for patients diagnosed with FIGO stage III or IV ovarian cancer between 1998 and 2015. We recorded FIGO stage, histological type, treatment and completeness of cytoreduction.

Result(s)*In total, 460 patients were included. OS at 5 years was 47% in patients with primary surgery, versus 38% in patients with interval surgery (p=0.06). Five-year OS was 45% in patients with complete cytoreduction, versus 30% in those with incomplete cytoreduction (p<0.001). The rate of complete cytoreduction was 43% in patients with primary surgery, versus 55% in those with interval surgery.

Conclusion*OS appears to be slightly better in patients receiving primary surgery, and when cytoreduction is complete. Every effort should be made during surgery to achieve complete cytoreduction, by an experienced team. Primary surgery should be preferred in these patients.

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