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270 Postoperative intestinal fistula in primary advanced ovarian cancer surgery
  1. A Serra1,2,
  2. MT Climent1,2 and
  3. A Llueca1,2
  1. 1Hospital General Universitari de Castelló, Castelló de la Plana, Spain
  2. 2Jaume I University, Castelló de la Plana, Spain


Introduction/Background*Advanced ovarian cancer (AOC) requires an aggressive surgery with large visceral resections in order to achieve an optimal or complete cytoreduction and increase the patient’s survival. However, the surgical aggressiveness in the treatment of AOC is not exempt from major complications, such as the gastrointestinal fistula (GIF), which stands out among others due to its high morbidity and mortality.

Methodology We evaluated the clinicopathological features in patients with AOC and their association with GI. Data for 107 patients with AOC who underwent primary debulking surgery were analyzed retrospectively. Clinicopathological features, including demographic, surgical procedures and follow-up data, were analyzed in relation to GIF..

Result(s)*GIF was present in 11% of patients in the study, 5 (4.5%) and 7 (6.4%) of colorectal and small bowel origin, respectively. GIF was significantly associated with peritoneal cancer index (PCI) >20, more than 2 visceral resections, and multiple digestive resections. Overall and disease-free survival were also associated with GIF. Multivariate analysis identified partial bowel obstruction and operative bleeding as independent prognos- tic factors for survival. The presence of GIF is positively associated with poor prognosis in patients with AOC.

Abstract 270 Figure 1

Disease-free survival according to the existence or absence of GIF

Abstract 270 Figure 2

Overall survival according to the existence or absence of GIF

Conclusion*Given the importance of successful cytoreductive surgery in AOC, the assess- ment of the amount of tumor and the aggressiveness of the surgery to avoid the occurrence of GIF become a priority in patients with AOC.

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