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510 An overview of complications in major gynaecological oncology surgery at a tertiary centre
  1. S Mabbutt,
  2. A Ismail,
  3. S Chattopadhyay and
  4. Q Davies
  1. University Hospitals of Leicester , UK


Introduction/Background*We aim to assess the complication rates across different operative modalities and surgeons. Provide information on patient co-morbidities and tissue diagnosis. This information is important for patient counselling and to provide evidence for ongoing unit accreditation.

Methodology We identified all major gynaecology oncology cases performed at our tertiary centre in 2019, assigned to the 4 oncology surgeons. Cases were assessed for operation type, diagnosis and co-morbidities. Complications then assessed using Clavien-Dindo classification. Data about complications obtained from EDN and follow up clinic letters. Standard used was the UK Gynaecological Oncology Surgical Outcomes and Complications audit of 25.9% on inclusion of all patient-reported complications.

Result(s)*Our major complication rate (Clavien-Dindo 3-4) was 1.61%. Our overall complication rate (Clavien-Dindo 1-4 was 29.8 % . 11 deaths recorded, with only 1 death within 28 days of surgerym unrelated to surgery. Of complications, 1 case of intra-abdominal & retroperitoneal collection, 2 cases wound dehiscence requiring surgical management, 2 cases of haemorrhage requiring relook laparotomy and 1 case returned to theatre for vaginal wall tear after specimen removal.

Conclusion*Our major complication rate is below the national average. Different surgeons have different specialist interests, this may reflect complication rate and allows super specialisation e.g. in robotic surgery. We reported largely similar rates of rare major complications across surgeons and operation type. This knowledge is helpful when consenting patients for procedures, as it gives real life numbers at a local level.

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