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792 Vessel injury and repair
  1. M Zikan,
  2. O Dubova,
  3. V Student,
  4. P Koliba and
  5. T Brtnicky
  1. Charles University – First Faculty of Medicine and Bulovka University Hospital, Dept. of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Praha 8, Czech Republic


Introduction/Background*Vessel injury is a common event in retroperitoneal procedures and technique of vessel injury repair should be a part of gynecological oncology education.

Methodology Video presentation of a) a point injury to external iliac vein and technique of suture as an example of common surgical complication and way of solution b) large damage to vena cave and repair with vascular prosthesis as an example of rare and potentially catastropic complication

Result(s)*Two surgical complication – vessel injuries – were managed step-by-step with intention to reduce the blood loss and repair vessel to prevent long-term complications as a vein thrombosis.

Conclusion*Knowledge of appropriate surgical vessel repair techniques protects against long-term postoperative complications. Even dramatic vessel injury can be repaired with a sequence of steps preventing massive hemorhage and using vesseel prosthesis.

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