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989 Analysis of microsatellite instability in endometrial cancers: comparative evaluation of molecular-based assays in formalin-fixed tissues
  1. P Gilson1,
  2. J Levy1,
  3. M Rouyer1,
  4. J Demange2,
  5. M Husson1,
  6. C Bonnet3,
  7. J Salleron2,
  8. A Leroux1,
  9. JL Merlin1 and
  10. A Harlé1
  1. 1Institut de Cancérologie de Lorraine , Biopathology Department, Vandoeuvre – Nancy, France
  2. 2Institut de Cancérologie de Lorraine , Biostatistics Unit, Vandoeuvre – Nancy, France
  3. 3CHRU Nancy, Genetics Laboratory, Vandoeuvre-Nancy, France


Introduction/Background*Microsatellite instability (MSI) is routinely analyzed in patients with endometrial cancers for selecting patients for immunotherapy. Standard reference methods recommended for MSI/dMMR (deficient MisMatch Repair) are immunohistochemistry and pentaplex PCR assays.

Methodology We evaluated here the performance of a custom capture-based NGS method, digital droplet (dd)-PCR and automated-PCR for the determination of MSI status in 30 formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue samples from patients with endometrial and colorectal cancers. All samples have been previously characterized using standard reference methods, set as gold standard.

Result(s)*Overall agreement, sensitivity and specificity were 93.3%, 93.8% and 92.9% for NGS. Overall agreement, sensitivity and specificity were 100% for dd-PCR and automated-PCR assays.

Conclusion*NGS, dd-PCR and automated-PCR can be used routinely used for the analysis of MSI detection and represent complementary options to IHC and pentaplex PCR assays. Dd-PCR and automated-PCR assays allow easy and fast analysis while NGS allows simultaneous analysis of MSI and clinically relevant genomic alterations.

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