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890 Audit on compliance in adhering to new imaging protocol in endometrial cancer
  1. S Ragi,
  2. C Innes,
  3. A Campbell and
  4. S Gurram
  1. NHS, UK


Introduction/Background*Regional guidelines were changed from MRI scan to CT scan as the choice of investigation to optimize treatment decision making in women with endometrial cancer. We audited our practice to assess the compliance in adhering to this guideline, to assess to need for further investigations like MRI and to correlate our CT staging to final histological staging.

Methodology All Endometrial cancer cases diagnosed on pippelle biopsy from Aug 2017 to Mar 2020 were retrospectively analyzed. We reviewed case notes, radiology and pathology results to assess the compliance in following the guideline and the reasons for performing additional MRI scans.

Result(s)*There were 198 cases during this period. Grade 1 Endometrioid Endometrial Cancer (EEC): 92; Grade 2 EEC:37; Grade 3 EEC :35, Serous, clear cell adenocarcinoma, or carcinosarcoma: 21; Atypical/Complex Atypical hyperplasia :11. Biopsy was inconclusive in 2.

Our compliance in adhering to requesting CT scan was 99% (196 out of 198 cases). In addition to CT scan MRI scan was only required in 19% of cases (8%, 29%, 33% of patients in Gr 1 EEC, Gr 2 or 3 EEC and other types of endometrial cancer respectively). In 11 patients (5%) CT scan was performed for additional reasons.

The reasons for imaging (CT and MRI) out with the policy were MDT request (14), pre op evaluation (9), local extension (10), Adnexal masses (5), Radiologist request (2).

In cases where CT staging and final histological staging was available (N=38), the Positive Predictive Value of CT scan in staging the disease in stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3 are 100%, 33% and 70% respectively.

Conclusion*Our compliance in adhering to the guideline was good and we managed to reduce the MRI work load by 80%. This change in trust guidelines makes optimal use of premium resources like MRI scan.

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