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803 Developing nurse led phone clinic for endometrial cancer follow-up in pre covid-19 era leading to efficient follow ups in pandemic times
  1. P Bansal1 and
  2. B Abdul2
  1. 1NN1 5BD, gynae oncology, UK
  2. 2oxford university hospital, UK


Introduction/Background*Systematic review says seventy percent of endometrial carcinoma recurrences are associated with symptoms. Is it safe to do nurse led phone clinic(NLPC) led by nurses and doctors.

Methodology Retrospective audit done on endometrial cancer patients in Northampton general hospital, treated from October 2013 and October 2018 and analysed the recurrence rate and presentation. Started NLPC in 2018. Wrote up a guideline and letter format for the nurses. Patient satisfaction Questionnaire done

Result(s)*Of 448 endometrial cancer patients in the above stated period, there were 57 recurrences. 8/57 patients were completely asymptomatic and was diagnosed in the first 2 years of follow up. However, 92% of the patients presented with symptoms at the time of presentation.

On these databases NLPC was conducted with a prescribed format and on early stage endometrial cancers and further patient satisfaction assessed which was 98%.

Conclusion*Majority of the cancer recurrence presented with symptoms, hence Nurse Led Phone follow up Clinics (NLPC) for selected cases is justified. Implementing NLPC leads to cut down in number clinic appointments, thus saving resources and give quality care to the more complex cases.

At the beginning of Covid 19 , phone clinics were simplified as practice was already in place in the department.

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