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October 2021 - Volume 31 - 10

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  • ConCerv: a prospective trial of conservative surgery for low-risk early-stage cervical cancerEditor's Choice (7 September, 2021) Free
    Kathleen M Schmeler, Rene Pareja, Aldo Lopez Blanco, Jose Humberto Fregnani, Andre Lopes, Myriam Perrotta, Audrey T Tsunoda, David F Cantú-de-León, Lois M Ramondetta, Tarinee Manchana, David R Crotzer, Orla M McNally, Martin Riege, Giovanni Scambia, Juan Manuel Carvajal, Julian Di Guilmi, Gabriel J Rendon, Preetha Ramalingam, Bryan M Fellman, Robert L Coleman, Michael Frumovitz, Pedro T Ramirez

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