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610 Peritoneal carcinomatosis index as a predictor of cytoreductive outcomes in patients with advanced ovarian cancer
  1. Maria Yakovleva1,
  2. Olga Smirnova1,
  3. Elena Ulrikh2,
  4. Elvina Bakaeva1,
  5. Anna Petrova1,
  6. Ksenia Kozyreva1,
  7. Lev Shevkunov1,
  8. Nikolay Mikaya1,
  9. Adel Urmancheeva1 and
  10. Igor Berlev1
  1. 1N.N. Petrov National Medical Research Center of Oncology
  2. 2Almazov National Medical Research Centre; North-Western State Medical University, N.N.Petrov National Medical Research Centre of Oncology; Oncology


Introduction/Background In our study, we evaluated the peritoneal carcinomatosis index (PCI) and to study the influence of PCI on the cytoreductive surgery outcomes in patients with advanced ovarian cancer.

Methodology We analyzed the results of 133 patients with serous high-grade ovarian cancer FIGO IIIC-IVB stages. PCI was evaluated at 13 regions (score 0–3 for each region) via pelvic MRI, chest and abdominal CT and staging laparoscopy (S-LPS.)

Results Were performed 23% (31/133) of primary and 77% (102/133) of interval debulking surgery (DS), 68% (90/133) of them were optimal (no residual disease, ODS) and 32% (43/133) were suboptimal (residual tumor of > 1 cm, SDS). The frequency of ODS for PCI 0–15 score was 60–86%, for PCI 15–20 score - 9%, PCI> 20 score – 0%. Preoperative and intraoperative determination of the PCI was equal in 58%. In 19.8% PCI was overestimated during preoperative examination, while the use of laparoscopy evaluated PCI allowed to perform an ODS in these cases. In 21% PCI was underestimated and S-LPS helped to avoid SDS in 89% because of noting a diffuse bowel mesentery involvement.

Conclusion A combination of MRI/CT scans and staging laparoscopy in PCI evaluating is an effective treatment modality which can improve the cytoreductive outcomes in patients with advanced ovarian cancer.

Disclosures No conflict of interest exits in the submission of this study. We confirm that no funding source were used in this study.

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