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235 Mode of presentation and factors associated with late clinical presentation of cervical cancer in komfo anokye teaching hospital (KATH)
  1. A Appiah-kubi
  1. Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Gynaecologic Oncology Unit, Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Ghana


Introduction Cervical cancer is the commonest gynecologic cancer in Ghana, especially in the Ashanti region where this study was conducted and where there is little understanding of the characteristics of women with the disease. The study objective was to determine the mode of presentation and factors associated with late clinical presentation of cervix cancer.

Methods A descriptive cross-sectional survey recruited 351 patients presenting to the KATH Gynecologic Oncology unit with histologically confirmed cervical cancer from August 2018 to August 2019. Data was collected on socio-demographic factors, disease-related knowledge and clinical presentation via a pre-piloted, structured questionnaire administered by trained research assistants through face to face interviews with patients. Bivariate and multivariate statistical analyses were performed.

Results Of the 351 participants, 95.2% presented late to KATH for treatment, 86% presented first to a local health facility, 60.5% had heard of cervical cancer, 46% did not know symptoms, 3% were aware of pap screening and 1.8% had ever been screened. Age, place of abode and average monthly income were significantly associated with late clinical presentation ((χ2 =10.88, p<0.014), (χ2 =7.95, p<0.004) and (χ2 =8.31, p<0.013) respectively). Participants living in rural areas were 5 times more likely to present to KATH with late stage disease compared to those living in urban areas.

Conclusions Women present to KATH for treatment with late stage cervical cancer. Lack of awareness regarding screening, vaccination and treatment options, poverty and inadequacies of the local health providers are all potentially rectifiable issues that could improve cervical cancer related outcomes.

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