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200 Demographic characteristics and the clinical profile of vulvar cancer (VC) patients treated at tikur anbessa specialized hospital (TASH)
  1. E Enoro1 and
  2. C Johnston2
  1. 1Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia
  2. 2University of Michigan, USA


Introduction Little is known about VC in Ethiopia. Our aim was to describe demographic and clinical characteristics of VC patients treated at TASH.

Methods This is a retrospective study. A structured questionnaire was used to gather data about patients with histologically-confirmed primary VC seen at TASH from 8/30/2012 to 8/30/2017.Data was analyzed using SPSS software.

Results There were a total of 118 patients. The median/mean age was 39/43.17years. Patients presented with more than one symptom, including mass (76%) and ulcer (48%), with a mean duration of 2 years. In 80% of patients, VC extended to adjacent organs including vagina (47%), anus (30%), urethra (23%) and inguinal lymph nodes (46%). 66% of women were HIV-positive with a mean infection time of 72 months and all were taking HAART. 64% of HIV-positive patients had locally-advanced disease. Patients were treated with chemo-radiation (32%), surgery (17%), surgery with adjuvant radiation (2%) and radiation alone (14%). Surgery was simple vulvectomy and bilateral inguinal LND (10%), radical vulvectomy and bilateral inguinal LND (8%) and simple vulvectomy(5%). Five of 22 developed complications including wound infection (2), vaginal stenosis (2) and wound breakdown with delayed healing, lymphocyst and altered skin pigmentation (1).

Conclusion VC at TASH is a burden of mainly young and HIV-positive patients with late-stage disease despite receiving active HIV health-care and long-standing symptoms. Delivering education about VC to patients, particularly HIV-positive ones, and to HCPs may ameliorate the disease burden in Ethiopia. HPV serotype study and vaccination could also impact the reduction of VC.

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