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132 Neoadjuvant chemotherapy followed by surgery for advanced-stage endometrial cancer
  1. H Khaldi,
  2. M Alsayed,
  3. A Al Ansari,
  4. M Abujubara,
  5. H Elmalik and
  6. J Herod
  1. Hamad medical corporation, Qatar


Introduction Endometrial cancer (ECa) usually presents as early stage disease when primary surgery is the recommended management. Patients with advanced disease pose a more challenging problem if disease is locally advanced, when primary surgery may be difficult and potentially morbid. Limited data exists regarding neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NACT) and surgery in this setting. We present our initial experiences with NACT and surgery in patients with endometrial cancer >stage 2.

Methodology Data were collected retrospectively from patients with ECa treated between January 2015-June 2020. Outcome measures include response; survival; and treatment-related morbidity.

Results We identified 12 patients aged 39–70 yrs. Data is complete for 11 as one patient had surgery overseas. Histological type was: endometrioid (75%), serous (25%). 50% were stage IV; 42%stage III; 8% stage II.

All patients received combination Carboplatin/Paclitaxel chemotherapy. One patient received radiotherapy in addition prior to surgery. 67% had 3 cycles of chemotherapy; 17% had 4 cycles. One patient is recently diagnosed and still receiving treatment.

90% had optimal debulking surgery, 10% sub-optimal debulking and one patient has unknown operative findings.

Data regarding survival is available for 11 patients. Two have died. Nine are alive without recurrence with survival ranging 2–40 mth. Overall median survival is 18 mth.

70% had no complications post-treatment; 20% had wound infection; 10% had neuropathy.

Conclusions NACT and surgery can deliver high rates of optimal debulking in patients presenting with advanced stage ECa. There were acceptable levels of treatment-related morbidity. It is too early to assess the survival of patients with this strategy although our initial experience shows promising results.

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