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105 Time intervals from the first symptom to surgery of ovarian malignancies in a tertiary hospital
  1. M Ortega and
  2. J Toral
  1. Philippine General Hospital, Philippines


This cross-sectional study aimed to determine the time intervals from the first symptom to surgery of 37 patients with ovarian malignancies who underwent surgery at a tertiary government hospital from June to October 2019.

Structured interviews and chart reviews identified the intervals and the reasons behind such. The data were analyzed using Stata/SE 14.1, with the time intervals presented as medians and the reasons as frequencies. Multinomial logistic regression analysis established the association of time intervals with the extent of surgery and final stage of ovarian malignancies.

The Total Time Interval from the first symptom to surgery was 214 days. The longest delay was the Total System Interval (70 days), followed by the Patient Interval (64 days) and the Initial Physician Interval (29 days). Most common reasons for the delays were the patients not acknowledging the gravity of their condition for the Patient Interval; choice to go to other hospitals, distance and laboratory works or diagnostics for the Initial Physician Interval; waiting for laboratory work-ups for the First System Interval; and waiting for other departments’ clearance for the Second System Interval. Length of time intervals was not found to be significantly associated with extent of surgery and final stage.

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