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83 Metastatic melanoma in the breast : a report of 7 cases
  1. S Sakhri,
  2. M Bouheni,
  3. R Chargui and
  4. K Rahal
  1. Slah Azaiez institut, surgicaldepartment, Tunis,Tunisia, Tunisia


Introduction Malignant melanoma is the most rapidly increasing cancer in the world. Metastatic disease occurs in 20% of patients. Metastases to the breast are rare. Melanoma is, however, among the most commonly reported primary tumors to metastasize to the breast.

Methods A retrospective case review of our melanoma registry to find all patients with melanoma metastatic to the breast in salah azaiez institute tunisia.

Results Seven patients were found to have breast metastases from melnoma. Five were premenopausal females with a mean age of 51 years. Three patients had a primary lesions were in the heel, two in the axillary area, one in the vagina and one in the head. One patient had bilateral breast involvement, and all had other sites of metastases. The median survival after diagnosis of breast metastases was 4 months.

Conclusions Metastases to the breast from melanoma are uncommon but should be suspected in patients with a breast mass and a prior history of melanoma even years after a primary has been removed.

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