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73 Study of lipid profile and thyroid hormones in patients with uterine fibroids
  1. T Peshkova1,
  2. I Nakashidze1,
  3. N Petrovic2,
  4. S Beridze1,
  5. N Kedelidze1,
  6. M Artmeladze3 and
  7. K Kamashidze3
  1. 1Batumi Shota Rustaveli State Univeristy, Georgia
  2. 2University of Belgrade, Serbia
  3. 3High Technology Hospital Medcenter, Batumi, Georgia


Background Uterine fibroids (UFs) are the common gynecological neoplasms of unknown etiology affecting many women of reproductive age. We aimed to investigate the association between UFs and thyroid hormones and lipid profile.

Materials and Methods Thirty six (14 cases and 22 controls) were enrolled. Cases were those having at least one uterine fibroid > 10 mm detected on ultrasonography, while controls where those having no uterine fibroids. Clinical history and anthropometric parameters were collected for every woman. lipid profile, TSH, ft4, ft3 were evaluated on plasma from participants. The control group age was 38.36 ± 1.773, and study group - 44.5 ± 1.715. P < 0.05 was consider statistically significant, respectively.

Results As the studies revealed, it’s according to lipid Profile, triglycerides level were 2-fold elevated in study population, Also, TSH was elevated 1.2 times (P=0,0248, respectively).

Conclusion Our Experimental studies suggest a possible association between thyroid function and UFs. Blood lipid levels are a crucial part of the metabolic syndrome, accordingly have some implication in UFs.

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