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56 A case on aggressive angiomyxoma of the vagina
  1. R Imperio-Onglao and
  2. A Amin-Ong
  1. Philippine general hospital, philippines


Aggressive Angiomyxoma (AAM) is a rare mesenchymal tumor found among women, with the propensity to infiltrate the soft tissues of the pelvic and perineal area. It is often misdiagnosed as a benign lesion due to its gross appearance and indolent nature. This poses a clinical dilemma for most gynecologist because of the high rate of recurrence due to inadequate excision of the infiltrative tumor. Vis-a-vis, histopathologically, the morphology of angiomyxoma may resemble benign lesions such as fibropeithelial polyps. The misdiagnosis of an otherwise benign lesion impacts the management and prognostication of patients. This could produce unnecesary anxiety and stress on the patient. The importance of histopathological diagnosis is underscored especially in the setting of indigent patients with limited funds. A clear protocol for the management of AAM is difficult to ascertain because of its rarity, there are but a few case reports documenting the disease and not enough to conduct clinical trials. This report presents a case of angiomyxoma diagnosed post operatively and its management at in a resource limited setting. Pre-operative diagnosis is difficult due to rarity and absence of diagnostic features, but it should be considered in every mass in genital, perianal and pelvic region in a woman in the reproductive age.

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