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477 Robotic ileal neovagina
  1. R Ribeiro,
  2. A Munhóz,
  3. HK Rabelo,
  4. A Vargas,
  5. A Tsunoda and
  6. J Linhares
  1. Hospital Erasto Gaertner, Brazil


Introduction Patients submitted to pelvic exenteration with wet colostomy have limited options for vaginal reconstruction. The objective of this video is to demonstrate that vaginal reconstruction (neovagina) using the ileal segment as an alternative for these patients.

Methods We present an educational video demonstrating step-by-step the technique for robotic ileal neovagina.

Results A 28 years old patient was submitted to a pelvic exenteration and reconstruction with terminal wet colostomy due to a late central recurrence after chemorradiation for Stage IIIB cervical cancer. After 3 years of follow-up, there was no evidence of recurrence, and an ileal neovaginal reconstruction was performed. This video demonstrates a surgical technique, using approximately 25–30 cm of the distal ileum segment. This isolated segment formed the neovagina and was anastomosed to the remaining vaginal dome. The patient had good postoperative recovery and in a couple months recovered sexual function.

Conclusions Robotic ileal neovagina is an option for patients who had pelvic exenteration with wet colostomy.

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