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458 Ovarian cancer statistics in Kazakhstan for 2004-2019 years
  1. D Kaidarova,
  2. R Bolatbekova,
  3. Y Kukubassov,
  4. A Aidarov and
  5. A Satanova
  1. Kazakh Institute of Oncology and Radiology, Kazakhstan


According to Globocan 2018, it is more than 295,000 new cases of ovarian cancer (OC) were registered and more than 184,000 deaths worldwide in 2018. In Kazakhstan OC is the 8th most common cancer among women with the one of highest mortality rate in women.

Objectives was to evaluate the OC incidence, mortality, 5-year overall survival rate in Kazakhstan for 2004–2019.

Methods Incidence, mortality data were sourced from the cancer registry database. A total 1028 patients with OC analyzed using the data of Cancer Registry for 2014. The primary endpoint was death from OC. Survival was performed using the life table method (Kaplan-Meier).The statistical processing was carried out with SPSS 23.0 for Windows.

Results Incidence over the past 15 years has been characterized by stable rates: 10.2 in 2004 and 11.1 per 100,000 female population in 2019. OC is found in all age groups and a increase in a group of 65–69 years. It is a decrease in the detection rate of the disease at the 4th stage for the analyzed period, from 18.1% to 8.4%. Mortality remains stable high and it is 5.3 per 100,000 female population in 2019. The overall 5-year observed survival of OC was 20.3±0.88% (95%CI: 18.7–21.9).

Conclusions Analysis of OC Incidence in KZ showed a stable rate. Despite the reduction in the detection of ovarian cancer at stage 4, mortality from this disease remains high. According to these results, Kazakhstan is among the countries with low five-year OC survival.

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