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429 Identification of clinicopathological prognostic factors in recurrent endometrial cancer
  1. Y Koike,
  2. M Takenaka,
  3. J Suzuki,
  4. Y Shoburu,
  5. K Tomita,
  6. A Ikenaga,
  7. M Kamii,
  8. S Hirose,
  9. H Takano,
  10. K Yamada,
  11. S Niimi and
  12. A Okamoto
  1. The Jikei University School of Medicine, Japan


Objectives Although, endometrial cancer (EC) is commonly diagnosed at an early stage and has a favorable prognosis, recurrent disease usually shows poor prognosis. However, clinicopathological prognostic factors for recurrent EC have been still unclear. The current study aimed to identify clinicopathological prognostic factors, especially in long term survivors of recurrent EC.

Methods We collected 2044 patients who underwent surgery including hysterectomy and were pathologically diagnosed as EC in our hospitals between 2001 and 2018. Clinicopathological information and survival data were retrospectively obtained by the review of medical record. Among 2044, 131 patients were included in this retrospective analysis. In recurrent cases, we analyzed the prognostic factors for long-term survivors of recurrent EC. Then we defined long-term and short-term survivors, as patients who survived &x2267; 3 years (n =53) and died within 3 years (n =78) after first recurrence, respectively. The correlation between prognosis and clinicopathological factors was statistically analyzed.

Results In the multivariate analysis of long-term survivors, we identified that TTP &x2267; 1 year after surgery (P <0.01), surgical reduction of the first recurrence (P =0.03), non-peritoneal metastasis (P =0.045), were significantly associated with the long-term survivors of recurrent EC.

Conclusion TTP &x2267; 1 year after surgery, non-peritoneal metastasis, surgical reduction of first recurrence were good prognostic factors of long-term survivors in recurrent EC.

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