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368 Ovarian sertoli-leydig tumors : epidemiological and prognostic features
  1. O Kaabia1,
  2. O Ben Ahmed1,
  3. T Yaacoubi2,
  4. M Bibi1,
  5. M Mokni2 and
  6. H Khairi1
  1. 1Université de Sousse, Faculté de Médecine de Sousse, Hôpital Farhat Hached, Sousse, Tunisie, Tunisia
  2. 2Université de Sousse, Faculté de Médecine de Sousse, Hôpital Farhat Hached, Department of Pathology, Sousse, Tunisie, Tunisia


Objectives Sertoli Leydig cell tumors (SLCT) belong to the group of sex cord-stromal tumors. SLCTs of the ovary are rare (less than 0.5% of all ovarian tumors). The aim of this study is to establish the epidemiological and prognostic features of such a rare tumor entity.

Methods We conducted a retrospective study over a 12 year period (2004–2015) in the Tunisian Central Cancer Registry. We collected all the pathology established cases of ovarian SLCT.

Results The incidence of ovarian SLCT was 1.5% of all the Ovarian, fallopian tube, and peritoneal cancers in our registry. The mean age at the diagnosis was 30 years [14 – 79 ] with a 2-peak distribution: 14 –30 years (46.15% of the patients) and 50 – 80 years. Endocrine symptoms were present in 76,92% of the patients (virilization: 38.46%). Testosterone serum levels were high in 33.33% of the patients. The pathological FIGO staging was IA in 15.38%, IC in 61.53%, and IIIC in 23.07%. A fertility-sparing surgery was performed in 46.15%. Adjuvant chemotherapy (bleomycin, etoposide, and Cisplatin) was delivered in 46.15%. The recurrence rate in the conservatively operated group was 16.67% and the overall progression rate was 47.46%. The overall survival at 5 years was 38%.

Conclusions Our results suggest that ovarian SLCT are rare but can occur at any age, even in menopausal women. The clinical features are essentially endocrine symptoms. In young women, fertility-sparing surgery is feasible but with a 16.67% recurrency rate and 38% 5- year overall survival.

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