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342 Comparative assessment of survival rate in endometrial cancer intermediate risk
  1. S Mavrichev
  1. Aliaksandr Shushkevich, Belarus


Background To evaluate the long-term results of surgical (ST) and combined treatment (CT) techniques for endometrial cancer (EC) of intermediate risk in a prospective randomized study.

Methods 117 patients with an intermediate risk of EC received treatment at N.N. National cancer centre of Belarus. Patients were randomized for 3Cgroups.

The first group - patients who underwent ST (simple hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (H-BSO) and pelvic lymphadenectomy).

The second group - patients who underwent ST (the same volume of operation) with preoperative brachytherapy (PBT).

The third group - patients who underwent ST (the same level of operation) with adjuvant endovaginal brachytherapy (EBT).

Result We evaluate 5-year overall (OS), cancer-specified (CSS) and disease-free (DSF) survival rate in entire groups. In each group, OS, CSS and DFS survival rate was 87.8% (95% CI 80.7–93.3%), 91.4% (95% CI 84.8–95.8%) and 86.1% (95% CI 78.7–91.9%), respectively. Between all three groups, we don’t find any statistically significant differences in terms of OS, CSS, and DFS.

Between ST and CT statistically significant differences in OS parameters (p=0.568), CSS (p=0.483) and DFS (p=0.846) also weren’t obtained. There weren’t statistically significant differences between the endometrioid carcinoma Ib G1-2 and Ia G3 in terms of OS, CSS and DFS. There weren’t statistically significant differences between tumors with or without lymph-vascular space invasion in terms of OS, CSS, DFS.

Conclusion Statistically significant differences in survival in ST and CT were not obtained for intermediate risk. Despite this, CT appears to be a more appropriate method of treatment, which allows strengthening local control.

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