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277 Gynaefellow’: a new online multi-media resource for gynae-oncology & gynaecology surgery training
  1. M Alazzam,
  2. A Antoci and
  3. S Addley
  1. Oxford University Hospital, UK


Study Objective To study the adoption of new innovative online multimedia educational resource aimed to provide focused surgical and clinical training

Design Free and open access innovative multimedia platform available as web and App formats. Descriptive analysis to study users’ behaviours using the online advanced analytics

Setting A new innovative online multimedia educational platform called ‘GynaeFellow’;

  • website:

  • App: (IOS),

  • (Android)

  • Focused peer–reviewed free access online surgical videos provided on the App and reading material offered through the website

Participants All health professionals who work or interested in gynaecology No geographical restrictions

Interventions High quality laparoscopic and open surgical videos deconstructed into simple bite-size and easy-to-follow building blocks to develop surgical knowledge and confidence. Supporting 2–5 minutes focused read resources on the website to consolidate the clinical experience and decision-making knowledge.

Measurement We used the following measurement to assess the adoption of the new platform;

  • Users retention and engagement Multimedia analytics

  • Users feedback

Results The rate of adoption increased by over 100% on a weekly basis and platform was downloaded in over 70 countries within 2 months of release.

> 5 K minutes of videos were viewed within 6 weeks of release

Conclusion GynaeFellow provides high quality, easy-to-follow surgical videos illustrating anatomy planes that are readily available and can be repeatedly accessed by the keen gynaecologists providing a self-directed learning experience that can be translated into practice in the operating room – increasing patient’s safety and enhancing each operating opportunity. There is a universal adoption to innovative educational platforms.

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