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258 Total retroperitoneal en bloc resection of multivisceral-peritoneal packet (TROMP operation): a novel surgical technique for advanced ovarian cancer; retrospective analysis of a prospective collected database
  1. M Muallem
  1. Charité medical university, Germany


Background A total retroperitoneal en bloc resection of multivisceral-peritoneal packet (TROMP operation) is a no-touch isolation technique in a retroperitoneal space to resect the parietal peritoneum and the affected organs in advanced ovarian cancer.

Methods The study included 208 patients operated between January 2015 and December 2017 in Charite, Berlin. The TROMP operation was performed in 58 patients, whereas the other 150 patients were operated with the conventional cytoreductive method.

Results The complete tumor resection rate accounts for 87.9% in TROMP group and 61.3% in the conventional surgery group. (P=0.001). This difference was even stronger in the sub-group of very advanced stages (T3c+T4) (85.1% of TROMP group and in only 53.1% in the conventional surgery group, P=0.001). The duration of the primary cytoreductive surgery was about 33 minutes shorter in TROMP group (median: 335 minutes vs. 368 minutes; TROMP vs. conventional, respectively) in spite of the fact that the most advanced cytoreductive procedures were performed statically significant more in TROMP operation arm in comparison with the conventional surgery arm.

There was no statistically significant difference between the groups regarding the postoperative complication, blood loss or the length of stay in intensive care unit.

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Conclusion Total retroperitoneal en bloc resection of multivisceral-peritoneal packet (TROMP operation) is a visible and very effective technique of surgical therapy in advanced ovarian cancer. This technique increased the complete tumor resection rate to 87.9% without increasing the blood loss, postoperative complications or the duration of surgery. A prospective randomized study is advised to validate these results.

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