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Long-term results of concurrent radiation and chemotherapy for carcinoma of the cervix recurrent after surgery
  1. G. M. Thomas*,
  2. A. J. Dembo*,
  3. T. Myhr,
  4. B. Black,
  5. J. F. Pringle and
  6. G. Rawlings
  1. * Division of Radiation Oncology and
  2. Department of Biostatistics, Toronto-Bayview Regional Cancer Centre; and
  3. Division of Radiation Oncology, Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto, Canada.
  1. Address for correspondence: Dr G.M. Thomas, Division of Radiation Oncology, Toronto-Bayview Regional Cancer Centre, North York, Ontario, Canada, M4N 3M5.


Between 1981 and 1991, 41 patients with carcinoma of the cervix recurrent only in the pelvis, or pelvis and para-aortic nodes after initial surgery, were treated with concurrent chemo-radiation (CT-RT). The total dose of radiation was tailored to the disease extent. Radiation was delivered to the pelvis and/or pelvis plus para-aortic nodes. Concurrent infusional 5-fluorouracil 1.5 g m-2 day-1 was delivered with bid radiation for one to three courses of 3 or 4 days. In addition, 10 patients received one or two courses of intravenous mitomycin C (Mit C) 6 mg m−2. Twenty-three of 40 evaluable (58%) had a complete response to CT-RT. Five have subsequently relapsed, two in pelvis alone, one in pelvis and distant sites and two with distant metastases only. Eighteen of 40 (45%) remain alive without disease from 3 to 113 months (median 57 months) after CT-RT. Sustained complete remissions and apparent cure have occured even in poor pronosis patients with pelvic side wall or common iliac nodal diease and those recurrent at short intervals from surgery. Using logistic regression the following varibles were examined for their prognostic significance for pelvic control and survival: Mit C, extent of pelvic diseases number of course of 5-FU, nodal status at original surgery and radiation dose. On multivariate analysis only the number of courses of 5-FU used was predictive of pelvic control and survival. Concurrent 5-FU and radiation is recommended as salvage therapy for patients wth recurrent locoregional cervical cancer.

  • concurrent 5-FU
  • mitomycin
  • radiation
  • recurrent carcinoma of cervix.

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