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P48 Obstetric outcomes after abdominal radical trachelectomy (ART) for early-stage cervical cancers: a retrospective analysis of 341 cases in china
  1. X Wu1,2 and
  2. X Li1,2
  1. 1Gynaecologic Oncology, Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center
  2. 2Oncology, Shanghai Medical College, Shanghai, China


Introduction/Background To report the obstetric outcomes of young patients undergoing abdominal radical trachelectomy (ART) for the treatment of early-stage cervical cancers in China.

Methodology We retrospectively reviewed 341 patients with stage IA-IB1 cervical cancer who underwent ART between April 2004 and September 2017 in China.

Results Of the 341 patients underwent ART, 325 had their fertilities preserved. 200 women (61.5%) did not plan to get pregnant after ART, and 85.0% of them were due to childbearing before surgery (55.0%) or unmarried (30.0%). Among 125 women attempted to conceive, 23 women achieved a total of 26 pregnancies. Seventy-four patients had infertility problems, 35 conceived with assisted reproductive technologies, and 13 of them succeeded. Cervical stenosis (22, 25.9%) and fallopian tube obstruction (18, 21.2%) were the most frequently cause of fertility treatment after surgery. Among patients who conceived, 3 patients had first trimester miscarriage and 5 patient had second trimester miscarriage. Two woman elected to have pregnancy termination and 1 were currently pregnant. A total of 15 pregnancies reached the third trimester, and 80% of them ended more than 36 weeks of gestation. Among 13 cases of miscarriages and preterm birth, 7 occurred in patients without cerclage placed. In 10 cases of full-time birth, 8 patients had cerclage placed.

Conclusion The majority of patients did not attempt to conceive or experienced infertility after ART in China. Assisted reproductive technology should be encouraged to improve the fertility rate. Cerclage is effective in the prevention of miscarriage and pre-term labor.

Disclosure Nothing to disclose.

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