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EP1360 Some Cha Cha moves of battling with cancer
  1. C Coskun
  1. Dance with Cancer Association/Kanserle Dans Dernegi, Istanbul, Turkey


Introduction/Background Dance with Cancer Association is the one of the important advocacy and patient organization dealing with awareness of all types of cancer especially focusing on woman in the country often faced.Our main vision is aiming for early diagnosis and prevention, to make the future cancer treatment patient-centered not forgetting either you, me or beloved one danced with cancer, and will go on.Over the last year, we have created awareness on colon cancer, lung cancer, gynecologic and breast cancer for woman with some special events.

Methodology Dance with Cancer Association worked with ESGO Engage in translation of ovarian, cervical cancer leaflets into Turkish. We also worked on psycho oncology and palliative care and nutrition leaflets that will be printed in 2019. Immunotherapy leaflets were prepared for lung cancer and a YouTube video was taken with sign language and subtitle by a well-known physician in Turkey.In the three largest cities in Turkey, Ankara,İstanbul,İzmir, Booths are opened and brochures were distributed for giving information.Webinars were held on reaching 20.000 people.With the collaboration of a hospital in Ankara, yoga has been done in every week.A seminar was given at 3 locales of Cankaya Municipality and at 2 dormitory for girls in the breast cancer awareness event to around 120 guests.Self-examination was described with silicone breast model by a well-known physician and a physician radiologist.In Ankara, Kugulu Park, leaflets were given and again self-examination was described for 4 days and last two days concerts took place with the participation of approximately 1000 people. In 2018, our colon model has visited 18 cities including Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and Bursa and thousands of women have been reached.Since March was the month of colon cancer awareness, many seminars were held in cooperation with the hospitals.

Results Awareness

Conclusion More awareness, fewer cancer for women.

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