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EP1359 Role of effective communication and international advocacy to improve cancer management in Georgia
  1. E Sanikidze1,2
  1. 1David Tvildiani Medical University
  2. 2Georgian Patients’ Union, Tbilisi, Georgia


Introduction/Background Cancer management is one of the priorities of the country´s health system. However, National Strategy for Cancer Control(NSCC) is not approved yet, many issues are not solved and funded from public insurance.

Methodology Official data, results of the questionnaires(149) and modeling were elaborated via correlative and regressive analysis method, using key indicators system.

Results Objectives were: 1. Assessment of the official data, including informational-educational campaign(IEC)/behavior-changing(BCC) campaign; 2. Interview of the target groups 3. Assessment of HE-modeling 4. Assessment of the ‘triangle partnership’(TP=Public+private+civil -PPC) model for international advocacy (IA).

  1. Cancer cases among women still high 56–57%(total–234.3/100,000/2017), only 39.5% is diagnosed on the I–II stage. 24–27% of all cases is registered in reproductive age. Although screening is implemented, IEC is permanent, all communication channels are used, 7270 USD is spent, beneficiary involvement in the screening still low–12%. No social discussion and relevant IEC/BCC was done in frames of the new HPV vaccination program for 9–years old girls (WHO) and as a result, only 2% of Tbilisi cohort was involved.

  2. Results of interview of target groups– patients, general population and medical personnel (p value 0.05) show low knowledge/information, lack of HE and PE. This process was conducted only in 16.7%. In 19.2% complications were linked with low awareness.

  3. Small experiment–modeling of IEC/BCC show positive changing of knowledge by 7%, behavior –11%. 4. Active advocacy via TP model show excellent results–inclusion Tbilisi in the ‘Cancer Challenge City’ project and signing memorandum between the Ministry of Health, Georgian Patient Union and the Union International for Cancer control –UICC.

Conclusion 1. Role of relevant IEC/BCC is important for timely detection and treatment success. National HE and PE strategies for general population, patients and medical personnel should be developed and implemented

Disclosure Efficiency of TP model (PPC instead of PPP) is clear and should be implemented. Active advocacy (including IA) for fundraising, approval of the NSCC, providing management of whole chain of cancer control, is effective method to influence on the cancer policy in Georgia.

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