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EP1357 Patient experiences on long term side effects of gynecological cancer treatment in Finland
  1. M Sorsa,
  2. EM Strömsholm,
  3. E Toivonen and
  4. M Tran Minh
  1. Association of Cancer Patients in Finland, Helsinki, Finland


Introduction/Background The Association of Cancer Patients in Finland coordinates a network for gynecological cancer patients with approximately 500 members. The network’s members brought forward the need to raise awareness about gynecological cancers and the long term side effects of treatments. Patients expressed frustration over not much media coverage on gynecological cancers and concern over the lack of attention to long term side effects within the health care system.

Methodology Volunteers from the network and staff at the association agreed a campaign targeting the media and the general public would be planned to create more discussion around mentioned issues.

The volunteers and staff arranged meetings to plan and discuss the aims of the campaign. Once aims were agreed upon, tasks were defined and divided between volunteers and staff according to wishes and skill sets.

The association launched a survey on experiences in long term side effects among gynecological cancer patients which was distributed in the closed Facebook group for the network. The survey received 133 responses.

Materials were written by the campaign team and distributed to target groups in order to gain visibility for the topic. A campaign launch event was also organised in order to get the media interested.

Results As the campaign is still taking place (1st-31st May 2019), it is not possible to give results. However, it can be stated that there is already one published article on a popular news website (reach ∼1 million readers) and an opinion piece was published in the main newspaper (reach ∼800k). More coverage is expected within the coming weeks.

Conclusion The campaign was born from patients‘ initiative and contributions. It appears it has been received well and will serve as a great starting point for generating discussion around the issue of long term side effects.

Disclosure In 2019 Association of Cancer Patients in Finland has received financial support from AstraZeneca in total 2900 euros. Association of Cancer Patients in Finland received 85% of its funding from the Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA), which operates under the Ministry for Social Affairs and Health.

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