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EP1354 Awarness campaign (TV, cinema, social media) about gynaecological cancer
  1. C Marjollet,
  2. B Massicault,
  3. G Hamon,
  1. IMAGYN, Paris, France


Introduction/Background In France in 2017*, 15 300 women are affected by gynaecological cancers.

There are a lot of media campaigns about breast cancer. What about gynaecological cancers ?

The risks of gynaecological cancers are not known. The level of information is too low to promote reduction of diagnosed cases.

How to break the taboo and encourage women to have a gynaecological follow-up once a year to avoid the risks of gynaecological cancers?

That is why we did this campaign to raise awareness of the existence of gynaecological cancers and improve the diagnosis and to detect the disease earlier.

*National Cancer Institute (INCa) 2017

Methodology To break the taboo, spread a message with a humorous and connivent tone.

To promote identification, carry the message by women well known to the general public.

To talk to all women: 2 TV spots with 40 women from different backgrounds (for example Chantal Thomas, designer, Helene Darroze, chef and famous french actresses and TV presentors).

In the first, «the small words», they had volunteered to named the female sex with their own words.

In the second, «once a year», they invited the audience to have a gynaecological consultation every year.

You can find the spots here:

Results For the first time, we spoke about gynaecological cancers in french television

453 spots on national television channels in May 2018 70 press articles Television, Radios, Magazines, National Press, Regional Press

More than 2 million views on social networks

Conclusion To continue this awareness campaign, we decided to do a poster campaign for the waiting room of gynecologists associated with a postcard showing the symptoms of gynaecological cancers and the importance of the vaccination against HPV for girls and boys at twelve.

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