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EP1324 New device for ICG cervical injection and different NIR/ICG light modality to detect Sentinel Lymph Node Endometrial Cancer
  1. M Peiretti,
  2. G Candotti and
  3. V Mais
  1. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Cagliari, Cagliari, Italy


Introduction/Background The aim of the present video is to show the feasibility and the utility of a new device used for the ICG cervical injection and to evaluate the accuracy rate in the detection of sentinel lymph node with different NIR/ICG light modality.

Methodology The video demonstrates the feasibility of ICG cervical injection using 85 mm - 21 G needle generally adopted for local anesthesia. Furthermore we showed the new color system OPAL1 NIR/ICG visualization (Karl Stortz), i.e. blue or green or different Furthermore, S-Technologies can be used under white light or in combination with the NIR/ICG mode.

Results 20 procedures were performed using both systems. None technical problems were observed. The overall detection rate was 97%; unilateral and bilateral mapping of SLNs were achieved in 20% and 77% of subjects respectively.

Conclusion The use of this device will provide an augmentation of the precision especially in narrow vagina. The new color system NIR/ICG provides more intense fluorescence or better background lighting with a high SLN detection rate.

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