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EP1322 Identification of upper and lower lymphatic pathways during mapping of sentinel pelvic lymph nodes in a patient with endometrial cancer
  1. I Biliatis and
  2. V Mitsopoulos
  1. Gynaecological Oncology, Poole Hospital NHS Trust, Poole, UK


Introduction/Background It is well known that the lymphatic drainage of the uterus is mainly performed through 2 distinct pathways. The first is called upper pathway and drains the lymph from the parametrium and through the external iliac artery, while the second is called lower pathway and uses a system through the internal iliac artery. These 2 pathways most of the times are not connected. The lower pathway usually drains at the presacral lympatic basin.

Methodology With ICG injection at the cervix and using the Xi Robotic system we managed to clearly identify these 2 distinctive pathways

Results We believe that this is important as identifying a pre-sacral lymph node through the identification of the lower lymphatic pathway could potentially improve the sensitivity of the sentinel node technique in patients with endometrial cancer

Conclusion Identification of both lymphatic pathways using ICG and Robotic technology is feasible and might improve the sensitivity and detection rate of sentinel node in endometrial cancer patients

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