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EP1320 How to get an excellent anatomical landmarks exposure in trasperitoneal paraaortic lymph node dissection. Systematic lymph node dissection in five steps
  1. V García Pineda,
  2. I Zapardiel Gutiérrez,
  3. J Siegrist Ridruejo,
  4. MD Diestro Tejeda and
  5. A Hernández Gutiérrez
  1. La Paz University Hospital, Madrid, Spain


Introduction/Background The aim of this surgical video is to demonstrate step by step how to do a systematic transperitoneal paraaortic lymph node dissection in 5 steps.

Methodology In order to be useful for the surgeon we are going to explain tips and tricks to achieve a good exposure of anatomical landmarks using determined laparoscopics devices as well as how to avoid surgical risks. Finally we take into account different techniques and laparoscopic sealers to avoid symptomatic lymphoceles and chylous ascites.

Results The exposition of systematic surgical technique.

Conclusion For physician is very important to get an excellent exposition of anatomical landmarks in order to be comfortable even in obese patients.

Disclosure Nothing to disclose

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