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EP1313 Robotic resection of pelvic recurrence of endometrial cancer. Fighting the odds in minimally invasive surgery era
  1. H Fornalik1,2 and
  2. N Fornalik1
  1. 1Surgical Oncology, Goshen Center for Cancer Care, Goshen
  2. 2Obstetrics and Gynecology, Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN, USA


Introduction/Background Isolated pelvic recurrences of endometrial cancer are associated with only 40% complete response to salvage radiation therapy. We discuss treatment options for bulky pelvic recurrences of endometrial cancer. We demonstrate our robotic surgical technique for resection of tumor from the pelvic sidewall without compromise of vascular structures. We discuss potential advantages of minimally invasive approach to resection of the tumor wrapping around iliac vessels.

Methodology Surgical video and literature discussion. Dissection technique is demonstrated. Adjustments of surgical technique to peculiarities of surrounding anatomy are discussed. Presentation is enhanced with diagrams.

Results Successful and uneventful robotic resection of 8 cm tumor with recovery typical for minimally invasive approach.

Conclusion Combination of surgery and radiation may offer better chances for local tumor control. Robotic surgery may allow for hemostatic, organ sparing, anatomical resection of recurrent pelvic tumors. Minimally invasive approach may facilitate faster recovery resulting in earlier initiation and better tolerance of adjuvant treatment.

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