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EP1268 Burden of female genital tract malignancies at a tertiary care teaching hospital
  1. P Bharti
  1. DMCH, Darbhanga, India


Introduction/Background Genital tract malignancies are associated with high mortality, morbidity and shortening of lifespan in women.The tumors of female genital tract have different patterns of distribution worldwide.Cervical cancer is the most common genital tract malignancy among women world wide.

The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of female genital tract malignancy in a tertiary care teaching hospital of Bihar,India

Methodology It is a retrospective study. The data of female genital tract malignancy patients at DMCH hospital in Darbhanga, Bihar were collected. All the data were retrieved from OPD registers

Results There were 4,830 gynaecological cases seen during the study period. Among them 118 cases of genital tract malignancies were recorded. The percentage of different gynaecological malignancies recorded were-Cancer cervix 48.3%, ovarian cancer 33%,endometrial cancer 13.5%, choriocarcinoma 2.5%, vulval cancer 0.8%, vaginal cancer 0.8%, fallopian tube malignancies 0.8%

Conclusion High frequency of malignancy was detected in our study.Commonest genital tract malignancy detected was carcinoma of the cervix.

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