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EP1263 Adnexial mass at pregnancy: case report series
  1. E Keleş Peker and
  2. M Api
  1. Gynecologic Oncology, Zeynep Kamil Women’s and Children’s Disease Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey


Introduction/Background To evaluate adnexial masses at pregnancy whom were referred to gynecologic oncology department.

Methodology Referred cases their different stages of pregnancy were investigated according to sonographic appearence, magnetic resonance images, blood tumor markers and final pathology.

Results 15 cases referred from perinatology department examined and sonographic mass sizes were max 234- min 43 mm. Average CA125 levels were 47,8 and 40% of them were above 35 mIU/ml. Diagnosis were made 60% at first trimester, 20% at second trimester, 20% third trimester. 40% of the cases managed conservatively and 60% were laparatomy of them 55% at cesarean delivery.None of the patients have malignant neoplasm but 4 out of 15 cases were borderline ovarian tumors.

Conclusion Most of the cases in pregnancy diagnosed in the first trimester and confirmed to be benign, consequently adnexial masses at pregnancy should be evaluated gynecologic oncology department and managed accordingly.

Disclosure Nothing to disclose

  • Adnexial mass
  • Pregnancy
  • Teratoma

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