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EP1259 Predictors of the endometrium cancer recurrence
  1. E Lopez Gonzalez,
  2. F. Montero Venegas,
  3. M. Escribano Cobalea and
  4. C. Daza Manzano
  1. Juan Ramon Jimenez Hospital, Huelva, Spain


Introduction/Background Objetive to find out the predictors in the recurrence of the illness in patients suffering from endometrium cancer at the differet stages of it.

Methodology Retrospective study of 170 patients who were diagnosed with endometrium cancer between 2013–2017 at ‘Juan Ramon Jimenez’ Hospital in Huelva.

Variables such us age, degree of tumour differentation, miometrial invasion (MI), post surgical staging and lympho-vascular space infiltration (LVSI) were analysed in all those patients that had recurrences during the period of the study.

The study was sone by using SPSS 23rd V.

Once the analysis of Kolmorov-Smirnov concluded in an unusual result; the Chi-Squared test was used in order to obtain parametric categorical data; whereas the U (by Mann Whitney) test was used for the non-parametric data. P<0,01 was accepted as significant from a statistic point of view

Results During the study, 9 patients were diagnosed with tumoral affects recurrence. This means 5.3% out of the whole sample.

The statistic analysis concluded that there is no relation of dependence among the recurrence varible and the Miometrial Invasion variable (X2=4780,p=.092) recurrence and Tumor grade (X207765,p=.051) and recurrence and post surgical (x2=10200,p=.070). On the contrary, it is stated that there is a relation of dependence among lymph-node damage variable and LSVI+(x209954,Cc=.235,p<0.01). The existence of LSVI was evaluated in all the patients. lVSI was negative in 141 cases and 4 of these cases had recurrence of the illness.55.5% of the patients in which the illness recurred had positive LVSI (5 out of 9).

Conclusion Our results proved that more than a half of the patients with recurrence of the illness have Lympho-vascular infiltration and also; if the LVSI is negative, there is a risk of 2.8% of having recurrence.

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