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EP1251 The robotic surgical management of upper paraaortic lymph node recurrancy of uterine cervical cancer in lateral decubitus position - Video presentation
  1. F Demirkiran,
  2. T Bese,
  3. BO Kayan,
  4. S Acikgoz and
  5. S Gokmen
  1. Division of Gynecologic Oncology, Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa, Istanbul, Turkey


Introduction/Background Uterine cervical cancer (UCC) is the third-most common malignancy among gynecological cancers. Although metastasis at the time of initial diagnosis of UCC is rare, 15–61% of patients eventually develop metastases within 28 years. Recurrence rates for patients with Stages IB, IIA, IIB, III, and IV have been 10%, 17%, 23%, 42%, and 74%, respectively. The 5-year overall survival (OS) has been <5%. In this case we have present the robotic surgery which is done in lateral decubitus position in a patient who have paraoartic lymph node recurrence.

Methodology The 45 year old patient had a primary radiochemotherapy treatment for stage 2b cervix cancer at the year of 2011. The patient applied to our clinic, 2 years later of the initial treatment, for the isolated lymph node(6–4 cms) recurrency in the paraaortic area between inferior mesenteric artery and left renal artery. The patient had been done robotic lymph node dissection surgery in lateral decubitus position so that the clinical and radiologic assessment revealed that there is no metastatis in other areas. Visualization of inferior part of left renal vessels can be achieved with lateral decubitus position. Operation time was 130 minutes after docking procedure.

Results In this video, we are presenting robotic surgery for bulky metastatic upper paraaortic lymph nodes.

Conclusion Advantages of the lateral decubitus position for this surgery include easier trocar setup, better visualization and instrument access for certain procedures.

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