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EP1211 Observance of hormonal therapy in breast cancer centre Mohammed Vi for cancer treatment
  1. H Zaine,
  2. A Iraqi,
  3. Z Lakehayli,
  4. N Benchakroun and
  5. A Benider
  1. Radiotherapy, CHU Ibn Rochd, Casablanca, Morocco


Introduction/Background Hormonal adjuvant therapy in breast cancer with positive hormone receptors have reliably reduced the risk of recurrence and death.

As with any oral treatment, the simplicity of taking seems to lead patients to underestimate the value of hormonal therapy.

The objective of our study is to assess the degree of compliance with hormone therapy, and to discuss the different risk factors for poor compliance.

Methodology This is a retrospective study based on observations collected during the first 6 months of 2014, about patients with breast cancer who have received hormonal therapy. With patient follow-up until January 2019.

Results In study, poor compliance with hormonal therapy was objective, with up to three-quarters of the patients in our sample discontinuing their treatment.

Several factors were identified in our study, including drug toxicity and the precarious situation of patients. Depression, although it reached only a small percentage of our sample, nevertheless had a significant impact on poor treatment compliance. The lack of awareness and misinformation of patients about the benefit reported by hormonal therapy was also an important factor in poor compliance. This category of patients feels that they have been informed in a standardized way without personalization.

Conclusion Our results have shown that good compliance with treatment does not depend solely on prescription; many additional factors must be taken into account.

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