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EP1208 Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) implementation and outcomes in a UK tertiary gynaecological oncology centre
  1. E Myriokefalitaki,
  2. M Smith,
  3. B Winter-Roach and
  4. R Slade
  1. The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester, UK


Introduction/Background Enhanced Recovery Programmes have been proven to successfully prepare patients undergoing major abdominal surgery for an earlier and safe discharge.

Methodology We are presenting The Christie Gynaecological oncology ERAS programme (pre-operative assessment and rehabilitation to peri-operative and inpatient care to post operative discharge support)

Results Substantial reduction of length of hospital stay without compromising in morbidity, re-admissions or return to theatre and excellent patients´ feedback on satisfaction surveys.

Conclusion ERAS programme is feasible and safe in Gynaecological oncology surgery. It order to succeed, requires a robust programme and collaboration with a vast multidisciplinary team.

Disclosure Nothing to disclose

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