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EP1187 Malignant melanoma of the vulva: a rare presentation
  1. S Sghaier,
  2. I Ben Safta,
  3. I Zemni,
  4. I Marghli,
  5. H Mansouri,
  6. R Chargui and
  7. K. Rahal
  1. Surgical Oncology, Salah Azaiz, Tunis, Tunisia


Introduction/Background Melanoma of the vulva (MV) is rare; accounting for 10% of vulvar malignancies. Although there is not a standard management for MV, the surgical resection remains the mainstay of the treatment.

Methodology We report a case of MV diagnosed and treated at Salah Azaiz institute in 2019.

Results A 76-year-old woman presented with a nodule of the vulva with urinary burning. Clinically, we noticed a hard and movable reddish nodule of 30 mm on the clitoris with irregular borders. This lesion seemed to be invading the urethra and the lower third of the vagina. There were no associated inguinal lymph nodes. A biopsy of this lesion concluded to the diagnosis of MV. Pelvic MRI showed a heterogeneous mass of 29*16 mm of the clitoris extended to the labia minora. It invaded the terminal part of the urethra and reached the lower edge of the anterior vaginal wall without extension into it. It also demonstrated millimetric bilateral inguinal lymph nodes. No secondary lesions were found in the CT scan.The patient underwent anterior pelvic exenteration and radical vulvectomy with bilateral inguinal lymph node biopsy. Histological examinations showed free margins and no lymph node metastasis. The patient is alive, with no recurrence, after three months of follow up.

Conclusion The MV represents an uncommon tumor; occurring mostly in older women. Because of its poor prognosis, early diagnosis and staging of this cancer is mandatory.

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